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S&A Wholesale is one the leading suppliers of water pipes and smoking accessories in the greater Seattle area. We are excited to offer our huge selection of branded and unbranded waters pipes, bongs, hand pipes and dab rigs to a national audience. S&A Wholesale hand selects all of the glass smoking pipes that we sell, so you know you can trust the quality and functionality of every piece. Bubblers, chillums, sherlocks, spoon pipes, steamrollers and nectar collectors are all available at exclusive low prices.


We have a giant selection of bowls, banger nails, carb caps, ash catchers and assorted adaptors. In addition to water pipes and pipe accessories, S&A Wholesale also offers a full line of essential smoking accessories including rolling papers, grinders, scales, butane, lighters and torches, along with other essentials such as detox supplies and kratom. Keep your store stocked with the latest, most popular smoking tools and accessories with ease by checking out what we have in stock. We know the market and only sell the most popular and trending products from trusted brands such as RAW, Bob Marley, Zig Zag, Cheech & Chong, Randy’s, Roor, OCB, Diamond Glass, Illuminati Glass, Lookah Glass, Waxmaid, AWS, Infynity, Bic, DjEEP, Scorch Torch, Whip-It!, Zico as well as many more.


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BIC - Classic + 3 Bonus Lighters

50 per tray + 3 Special Edition Lighters (53 Total)

BIC - Minis + 3 Mini Special Edition Lighters

50 per tray + 3 Special Edition Lighters (53 Total)

DjEEP Lighters - Hot Body

24 Lighters per tray

DjEEP Lighters - Soft Touch

24 Lighters per tray

Lighter Leash

30 Pieces
Retractable cord
Multiple colors included
Price stickers included